HolmanTeague &ndash Real Estate Law • Land Use Law • Business Law • Climate Change Law


HolmanTeague focuses on real estate transactions and development, land use, climate change, and business law. We represent individuals, private entities, institutions and non-profits in development projects from California to New York, while continuing our emphasis in Napa County and the North Bay.


Our business practice focuses on the representation of local and regional businesses. We assist in entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, capitalization, finance, purchase and sale transactions, and intellectual property matters.

Real Estate

We handle the full range of real estate transactions, from acquisition and financing to construction, leasing and sale.  Our experience includes wineries, vineyard properties, restaurants, office buildings, warehouse and industrial, and hotels and resorts throughout the United States.

Land Use

We assist clients to secure land use entitlements, maximize existing entitlements, and to perform due diligence regarding the entitlements associated with a potential purchase. We do not take on tasks, such as project management, that can be handled more efficiently by other members of a client’s project team. Instead, we work in those areas where we can add value: strategy, implementation and legal advice. We do not represent governmental agencies that regulate development or groups opposing development projects. We work for private entities building projects.  

Climate Change

With California’s landmark passage of AB 32 and revisions to the California Environmental Quality Act, Climate Change is an emerging area of governmental regulation.  We counsel businesses and individuals regarding the regulations and plans being implemented at the federal, state and local level.