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The partners of HolmanTeague share a common philosophy – to create value for our clients by finding elegant and innovative solutions to complex problems.  For us, the right answer is the one that achieves the clients’ desired outcome with speed, predictability and efficiency. 

Our Clients

For our clients, we understand that evaluating and taking risk is simply part of the business equation. Unlike many lawyers and law firms, we do not engage in the expensive task of identifying all possible risks and devising all hypothetical solutions. Instead, understanding actual risk is how we provide counsel. Our advice is designed to reduce risks, minimize cost, enable contingency plans, and achieve client goals. We offer advice based on our years of experience with California law, local regulations and our familiarity with those who create, apply and enforce the rules.


Our value-added philosophy is reflected in our bills. Our bills are simple and direct. We are cost-effective. The partner you hire works on your matter rather than teams of junior lawyers. Our bills do not include charges for faxes, photocopies, long-distance phone calls, word-processing, postage or other hidden “profit center” costs. Our approach is simple: Our clients pay only if they are satisfied. 


Regardless of the practice area, our clients hire us to get projects done, and not to spend time and money for the sake of process or argument.  We are results oriented.  Whatever the engagement, we are always looking to close the deal, secure the entitlement or conclude the case to meet the clients’ objectives.